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Masters of Rome
from Marius to Caesar
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Illegitimate son of Mastanabal and grandson of Masinissa. Sent to Spain where he meets Gaius Marius and Publius Rutilius Rufus.

Appointed protector of Hiempsal and Adherbal, heirs to Micipsa.

117 BC After Micipsa's death, Hiempsal murdered by Jugurtha; Adherbal flees to Rome.

116 BC After visit by Lucius Opimius to investigate rival claims, Numidia partitioned between Adherbal and Jugurtha

112 BC Adherbal attacked by Jugurtha. Trapped in Cirta, Adherbal is captured and executed. Jugurtha allows massacre of Romans in Cirta. Rome outraged and sends consul to punish Jugurtha.

111 BC After payment of compensation, Bestia settles dispute. Jugurtha summoned to Rome to name senators he had bribed at inquiry of Gaius Memmius. Jugurtha bribes another tribune of plebs (Gaius Baebius) to interpose veto.

After the new consul Sp Postumius Albinus declares support for Massiva, Jugurtha arranges assassination of Massiva. But he loses all support in Rome and leaves, realising that he cannot hope for his claim to the Numidian throne to be supported. The Jugurthan War in Africa then follows, ending in his defeat.

At the end of the Jugurthan war in 105 BC he is captured and taken to Rome. Executed as part of Marius's triumph.

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