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Masters of Rome
from Marius to Caesar
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Leading Roman Families Genealogical Database

The database principally includes the major patrician (and heavily intermarried) families of Rome. Some additional non-Roman families have been included such as those of Jugurtha and Mithridates.

There are people that appear in this database who do not feature in the list of characters from the books, since they make no contribution to the plot other than being someone's relation. Similarly there are characters in the story who will not be found in this database since they have no know relationships with other characters.

The Leading Roman Families genealogical database can be searched in several ways:

The database is based on a GEDCOM file which is the standard for storing genealogical data and which imposes some constraints on the display of data. In particular, the common practice of adoption and the assuming of the adoptive father's nomen/cognomen poses problems in the database.

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